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In the malleable world of Tiny Town, our friends from University of Orange were invited to playtest their wildest dreams for their city.

Redd and DeoNeoRex enjoy sitting next to each other on the bus.

At the grocery store, Lilith and Coach Rose buy some edible instruments for the potluck.

The kids prove to the Heart Shark that they are pure of heart.

The children of Tiny Town discuss what their robbers will steal.

The children of Campfire learn about how to make a Pringles can larger through code.

The children of Tiny Town dance to the disco PA announcement speaker.

The children of Campfire discover who Power Ranger Leo really is.

The children of Tiny Town listen to the doggy band at the Grasslands Music Festival.

The children of Tiny Town check all the floors of MegaMall in search of Dea, the missing girl.