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Tiny Town

$350 / 9 sessions
(scholarships available)

Ages 5-8 and 8-12 
Once a week
(for 9 weeks)
1 hour per session
Up to 4 kids per cohort

Complex game mechanics
Planned narrative elements



$10 / session
(different packages available)

Ages 5-8
One to three times a week
30 minutes per session
Up to 8 kids per cohort

Simple game mechanics
Improvised narrative elements


Free / 1 session
(donations accepted)

All Ages
Tuesdays to Fridays
30 minutes per session
Up to 4 participants per session

Invite a friend or two to join you or your child on a playdate and tour of Tiny Town or Campfire.



Get a Quote / 1 session
(based on type, size and length of party)

All Ages
Any day of the week
Any duration per session
Unlimited participants per session

Plan a Tiny Town party and tour for your child, students, club, team, family, friends, grandparents etc.

If you’re not sure what option would work best for you or your child, we can walk you through!