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Invite a friend or two to join you or your child on a playdate and tour of Tiny Town or Campfire.


All Ages. 

Up to 4 participants per Playdate session.

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Playdates are free but donations are accepted!


What will we need for our Playdate?
  • Playdate is run on Zoom.us. You will need to install the Zoom Desktop App
  • Optional/Recommended Materials: Pencil, Paper, Phone/Camera, clay, pipe cleaners, scrap fabric, popcicle sticks, colorful tape, cardboard, stuffed animals, food etc.

What skills can we develop in Playdate?
Roleplaying, Collective Worldbuilding, Game Asset Making, Improvising.

What are some of the activities in Playdate?
  • Designing our own characters, homes, markets, objects, outfits etc. through our drawings, sculptures and found objects.
  • Exploring existing zones in Tiny Town and Campfire like the library, the farm, the music festival, Megamall, dinosaur land, the underground train station.
  • Inventing new ways to play, travel and communicate inside Tiny Town and Campfire.