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Every day, children gather around a small campfire for silly stories from a fly and an unpredictable turn of events. They are invited to add anything they wish to the campfire, from fruit monsters to boogers.


Ages 4-8.
Up to 8 children per Campfire cohort.

Each child can join one to five times a week on weekday mornings or afternoons.


Begins Monday, January 11th 2021

Mondays to Fridays,
9:00-9:30am ET

4-4:30pm ET


What will my child need for Campfire?
  • Campfire is run on Zoom.us. You will need to install the Zoom Desktop App.
  • Required Materials: Pencil, Paper, Phone/Camera
  • Optional/Recommended Materials: clay, pipe cleaners, scrap fabric, popcicle sticks, colorful tape, cardboard, stuffed animals, food etc.

What skills can my child develop in Campfire?
Roleplaying, Collective Worldbuilding, Game Asset Making, Improvising.

What are some of the activities in Campfire?
  • Designing our own characters, homes, markets, objects, outfits etc. through drawings, sculptures and found objects.
  • Exploring and creating new zones every day like dinosaur land, the observatorium, the radio station and the underground train station.
  • Inventing new ways to play, travel and communicate inside Campfire.
  • Connecting and sharing our days with fellow players.

Looking for a longer, less
frequent and more in-depth program?