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English with Kay

1 hr per session
1 session every week
¥68 per session for participants (学生)
¥34 per session for auditors (旁听生)


English with Kay is a weekly English discussion club that meets once a week. Together we will share and reflect on our stories and experiences.

Some topics we have discussed in the past include Purpose and Passion, Rituals and Routines, Boredom, Self Doubt, Work Boundaries and many more.


5min   Introduction
5min   Vocabulary
5min   Article
5min   Themes
40min  Q+A and Discussion


Kay Liang (梁心琪) is a Chinese-Canadian who loves to talk about topics related to self-help and relationships. Kay has been speaking English since she was very little and can converse in Cantonese and Mandarin as well. She also teaches children how to roleplay characters and build worlds online.


10 sessions
Aug 28th to Oct 30th
Sundays, 9-10pm

Sign Up

680 CNY
Participant (学生)

340 CNY
Auditor (旁听生)


What will my I need for this program?
You will need to install the Zoom.us Desktop App.

What is the difference between Participants (学生) and Auditors (旁听生)?
Participants can raise their hand in class and be called for discussion. Auditors can join the class for listening only. Both Participants and Auditors will receive recordings of the class.

What skills will I develop?
Critical thinking in English, engaging in deeper conversations and discussions, new vocabulary and phrases, self-reflection.